Friday, September 3, 2010

How long has this been here?

Last night was a busy one.  I was at my film study class, and the family was home eating dinner when a big storm rolled in AGAIN!  This summer has been full of rain and thunderstorms.  Looking outside, the kids saw a lot of rain, hail and high winds...but in the middle of all of that, there was something even more amazing.  It seems that there was a rainbows end, right in our backyard!

Like their Mom, the first thought is to get photos, and they grabbed my camera ( which is always ready to use and easy to find) and took a lot of good pictures.  There were many that did not turn out well, but several that did.  This was one of my faves when I opened them this morning. I wonder how long this rainbow has been living in my backyard, with nobody noticing? 

Sometimes life is hard, there is no getting around that fact.  If the thunderstorms in your life do not scream at you, how are you going to find the rainbows???  Imagine seeing the rainbows without needing the storms to point them out to you...think about it.

So, how did I do this?

1.  I used Memory Manager to edit a bit, just brightening and sharpening which quick fix ( two auto buttons any non-tecki could use.)  I saved the photo, and sent it to Storybook Creator into my project. 

2.  I put the photo onto a predesigned page by right clicking on the photo and selecting " fill this selected element ( frame) with this photo.

3.  I typed the text in the pre-designed text boxes, and  used the "cut and fill" tab to change the letters to gradient, which was two colors that I choose.  Remember to flatten your elements ( in this case the text) so that you can fill them.

You can do it too!


1.  Have your camera ready to go...and easy to find.

2.  Take lots of pictures...more than you need!  Digital is wonderful for this as there is not cost added to have lots of pictures to choose from.

3.  Capture the moments...just do it.  You will have more fun looking back on these memories.

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