Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Really...full time?

TWO exciting things today...first, can you guess what I have been working on?  CALENDARS!  Now this page took me exactly 55 seconds to create.  After making this, I can go back and edit to add photos of my family to their birthdays, and more!  This will be part of a calendar featuring my own family, that I can carry in my purse.  A brag book calendar?  How cool is that???  Get your Storybook Creator software and start getting busy making those holidays gifts.  But just wait, there is more...

Oh my gosh, I am SO excited to share that I will be a full time Creative Memories Senior Consultant starting October 1st 2010!  My days will be full of creating and sharing with you and working on amazing projects sure to inspire.  I will also be debuting a brand new blog, so get on my list so that you will know when I start to shake things up!

Follow me, and join in the fun...if you would like to join my on this journey, and get on board with our
Story Stars team, now is the time!  Join in September and get ready to watch your business EXPLODE in October, November and December.  Business is great and we need YOU! We are putting the pieces into place for a successful rise to the top as a team and want  you to be a part of it.


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