Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

My amazing nephews are in town...and the kids are having so much fun playing with their cousins from WALES!  Yes, thats what I said...WALES! 

We only see them every other year but it has become tradition to have them to our home for a birthday and sleepover celebration.  Their gift from us is going to be so special, as we are making each of them a Creative Memories Storybook all about their time here in America. 

Here is a page featuring my son Mike, and Rhodri.   They both love football and Mike gave Rhodri his own American football.  What Rhodri lacks in size, he makes up in spirit my sister Katherine always says.  Its true, this little guy " took Mike down"!

Come and learn more about the 3000 photos I took of their visit, and how you can make pages like this in Storybooks with our Creative Memories software.  This page is a predesigned template, and I just dragged the photos in.  If you can email, you can make these books celebrating everyday life and special events.

Tonight, TECKI TUESDAY will be held at Scrappin-n-Chattin from 5-10.  We have a special night planned and you can learn more.  Its free to come...bring a friend and see what its all about!

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