Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moms birthday and my 12 cent card

This card I created for my Mom, for her birthday yesterday. I LOVE YOU MOMMY! Ok, I have a huge stamproom full of fun things, from ribbons, to eyelets and more. I could have layered ten things, piled on the cardstock and really done some big time art...but you know what? My Mom is a very simple person that loves the thought behind the art. She is great. I simply stamped the birthday wishes by coloring each word with a different marker, and then the bottom stamp is also colored with markers. I choose pink and orange to brighten her day! The limey colored green was for grass and stems. It almost looks watercolored:) Remember the trick is to color onto your stamps, then breathe l(ike you are trying to fog up the car windows as a kid) onto the stamp...THEN stamp onto your card.

Today I am off to Wisconsin for a fun weekend with my Angel friends. Thanks SARA for hosting us again! I am so blessed, GREAT friends and a family that has seen me take off 3 out of the last 4 weekends. Summer is a big time for that. One more in August to hop on over to Heathers, then I am home til January. Enjoy your weekend my friends, oh and remember to have a little fun every day!!!

V215 White Ultrasmooth Cardstock p.119
V222 Black Cardstock p.119
S01 Impress Dual Markers * Brights p.122
TC3128 Level C hostess set Thinking Of You ( birthday wishes) p.10
T3136 Happy Thoughts p.12

Cost of card .12, value of card...priceless!
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2 comments: said...

What a fun simply stamped card. Happy Birthday to your mum..

Stephanie said...

Love those flowers across the bottom!!

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