Thursday, July 16, 2009

Everyone needs this idea

Last week I was at Moms, ok maybe it was Monday this week but you know how time flies:) So I asked her for her wireless password and she had no idea what it was...there went the thought of me getting on my laptop in Minneapolis...thats cool but what I thought of was a friend of mines ETSY store. Rita Kegg is a very well known Angel with TAC and has created some perfectly fabulous items...I didnt have enough time to order one of her cute little books, so I stamplifted the idea and made this one! Here is Ritas link to where you can get your own. RITAS ETSY STUFF

The funny thing? I told you how my mom is simple and appreciates stripped down versions of everything...I thought this was clean and simple enough but she still wanted the ribbons off so that it would lay perfectly FLAT! ha ha I did that while I was there. Oh be sure to check out Ritas stuff, cause she has these cute little pages inside her books!!

Have a blessed day!
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Patti J said...

Very cute! Rita is so clever - I love everything she makes! You picked the master to learn from!

StampinCarol said...

These are so cool! Rita inspired me to make some, too!

Stephanie said...

this is super cute!! love the colors you chose & the ribbon! this looks a lot nicer than the notecards I have...I may have to make one as well :)

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