Friday, November 21, 2008

Life in general, and book form too

WOW tomorrow will be an adventure. You know how you are chatting with someone and all of a sudden something comes up in conversation and you didnt hear about it? Like someone you know is having a baby and they are like 6 months pregnant? Or someone moved on from a job? Well that is how I feel lately about a ton of stuff.

First, I have toned down my positions to just 4 and I am really enjoying them! My kids are doing great with me home more, and I can keep a handle on this old house:)

Next, I started to use a new contact service and its working out nicely as well. That means email communication is so much easier. I really like it.

And another big surprise? I have started next years sticky notes for future dates! I have some things booked into April and that is just amazing. BIG stuff too so watch for news all of you locals.

Now, tomorrow. I was just dropping off some Avon books at the senior building where my hubby works, when I noticed a flyer for a craft show. Now this was yesterday, mind you. I called right away since it was another facility that I know the managers at and they said SURE come and bring your stuff. So with less than 48 hours notice I am doing another super craft show! I will post pics after of course. So last night I made a great dinner, pasta with red or alfredo sauce and was opening the olives. I have this AWFUL can opener and when it failed I just pushed down the lid that didnt cut all the way. OUCH I opened the left first finger. It bled good for some time, and so today I had to go in and get a tetanus shot. My fave Doc which I actually have programmed direct in my cell phone with my bunch just said it will be good after a few days. Thats a relief. Anyway I set off to lay down last night for a bit while it stopped bleeding and woke up at 1:00am today. THATS when I started cleaning the I dont know about you but that is the best time to clean it. I cant do laundry and get distracted, and the kiddies are all in bed. I didnt go back to sleep last night so tomorrow after the craft show I know I will probably collapse. Ok, so tomorrow again. Here is the info if you want to stop by and say hey. The show is at THE TRADITIONS so click on that link and it will take you to the address which is in Brooklyn Park. I hope to bring many new things this time like my blessings books, and Glitter shirts, along with Name in a Frame. I tried glittering velour stockings today but that was a bad mess. I love to glitter bags, shirts and paper. I will stick to that:)

Here is something to share. I hope you love it. I sure do. I love little notebooks etc and these are some of my faves. I actually love writing things in makes me smile! I think I shared it before but its just so easy for the holidays to whip up when you are facing less Christmas cash in your budget. Just cover cute notebooks or composition books with your fave papers and tie some ribbons. Now if you dont have any fabric ribbons you can always tie some cute curling ribbons. And the notebooks? DOLLAR TREE has some fantastic things you can cover super cheap. Get started though ok? Christmas is only 1 month away.

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