Monday, November 24, 2008

A blessings book

Blessing. Are you taking time to notice them? And how about remembering them when times are tough.

Throughout the year there are struggles. Everyone family has them. Some are of great loss, some are life changing. As we get ready for Thanksgiving these changes from the past year can mean smiles, tears, hugs, kindness, and more. The spirit of the holiday season is kicking off this week and to me that is a blessing.

As an Angel, I have an opportunity to share holding onto those blessings. To help you make a statement and I invite you to preserve some of those blessings yourself. Taking just a short time this week out of your busy schedule to create a blessings book means putting those blessings on paper. Whats a blessings book?

For the last few years my family has had a blessings book on the coffee table to write in, when they are noticing something that makes them feel blessed, loved, or a kindness. From making Christmas cookies, to the humbug hat that Dad wears, things are written inside to cherish. Paper bag books work great for these books, as you just need one SWIC to make it happen beautifully. With the pockets for letters, photos and special momentos its easy to bring out past books and enjoy seeing the kids written words telling stories or short snips of fun times they had during the holidays. Another way to make a blessings book super fast? How about covering a spiral topped notebook or composition book for ease. You can make one in under an hour, and even adhere some "pockets" inside by adding envelopes! The idea is just to make sure it happens.

The holiday season will be gone too soon. Make a little keepsake sure to bring smiles and holiday memories to life again and again. My wishes for you? To feel blessed this season, whether it is just simply smiling when you see lights on homes, candy canes on a Christmas trees, or listening to holiday music all month long.

Be Blessed!

To see all of my blessings book for this year CLICK HERE


Bridgett said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love this idea you are sharing. I find it so important to record those big and small things that I am grateful for in a journal. When I have a hard time getting through a tough situation, I can read that journal to be reminded of how blessed I truly am! Your blessings book is really great!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

That's really cool! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!


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