Thursday, January 24, 2008

who da thunk?

two posts in one day??? Its pretty cold outside which sometimes keeps the client from going out and visiting me at the tanning I was frustrated with the computer this morning here, as mine blew up yet again at home. Thankyou GOD for my laptop!!!

My thoughts just ran away with me. I was thinking how I wish I was a good computer skilled person and then I remembered this kid I hung out with in high school named Chris. He was a serious genius and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Just a selfless person and I love that. Anyway I ran in the mind right back to high school and was thinking of all the fun we had hanging out. Do you remember doing that? And does your mind race that way?

I bet he is super as a dad somewhere, and an absolute whiz in his business world. Where are you Chris??? Hey email me ok? ha ha ha, like he would read this blog.

So have you ever met up with friends from high school over the net again after YEARS AND YEARS? I would love to hear your story. If you are too shy to go for it and make that initial contact, how come??? you only live once ya know. So that person on your mind? Give them a shout today. Why not?

yeah thats it for my inspiration today:)


Jewels said...

Hey Darlin'!
Go to If he's techy, he probably has an account and you can search for people by school or company. It doesn't cost anything like does. Have fun!

Kimberly Onofre said...

Ha, Jewels beat me to it... I too was going to tell you to go to face book, I'm on and I've had the opportunity to reunite with lots of high school alum. Its really funny when they are balding and turning grey!!! Then I can say,.. WOW, I just put on weight.,, that's fixable ;0)

Hugs to ya,

Kimberly Onofre

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