Friday, January 25, 2008


Today is a great day! Its full of blessings and blessings just waiting to happen too. First of all yesterday I got to stop and check on a lady whose car was broken down on the road. It was like 10 below out there and freeeeeezin!!! She was ok, and that made me smile. So that is the first blessing.

Today, a lady walked in and her name was blessing. How cool is that? I would love that to be my last name...blessing. THATS ROCKIN!

Now the girls told me to sign up for facebook, and the I did a while ago but never did anything with that. Ok today I went in there and kelly, my friend that i actually started stamping because of her said HEY! I called her and we caught up for a bit. It was a big blessing to hear a bit about her life and the fam too.

Next? All these cool people i get to see everyday. This has to be the coolest job as just chatting with nice people all the time is awesome. I love this place!

and now? onto my book...

the abundances are:

tests you cant fail

talkin TAC

no cracks to fall over

and the funny? naps!

For most of us its hard to take the time for the needed sleep. Here at work its so nice to see people taking a few minutes for themselves. Hey you deserve a few minutes right? why not let yourself enjoy some time this weekend. Just a few minutes if that is all you can but just for you. something that makes you smile. A nail polishing, bubble bath, or whatever makes you tick. Just do it and bless yourself!

have a marvelous weekend and remember to bless others. Yes, even the ones you dont want to. Cause silly, those are the ones that need it the most!


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Vicki said...

Just wanted to say I have been loving your posts! They make me smile! :D

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