Thursday, January 24, 2008

GREAT links and fun fun fun

Today I thought, hey...I always love seeing whats cool out there for stamping ideas so I am going to share some cool links that I visit all the time. The first is one I stumbled upon and it is absolutely fabulous! This is the link...stop in or better yet get on her email list. WOW!

ok this is a great one to share regarding those cute little calendars EVERYONE needs for their January projects, FUNshops and gifts...

This is a fun one I love to visit with super ideas and just plain great stamping!

Here is a cute crafty place to sell your wares! make some money and get that budget on track this year:) ohhhh, what a cool idea

and last? One of my fave stores for sure, one that take me hours to get through...when I have time. I think sometimes that it would be REALLY sweet to move right into this place and live there. I mean its so huge, who would know that one little old angel is hanging out a lot. A LOT!

Now onto todays Abundance book postings. First you have to picture us hanging out in a restaurant. The blessings we had were:

immediate seating

free chips

round robin dessserts (we were each getting one different dessert and moving them around the table to sample them all! unfortunately the idea was bigger than our time girls)

and the funny? Here is what we wanted to order:

waitress, I will have a LEVEL D hostess set, with a side of bind it all, and some picture frames in a to go box. Oh and hurry please. We have paper money, so keep the change (scraps)

It was SO much fun. Girlfriends make these trips specTACular

have a blessed day. Find those blessings and remember to search everywhere for them. Even the dirty laundry is a its own way:)


Sixsisters said...

Fun blog, positive attitude comes through all the way!

Fabrizio said...

Thanks for the links very useful ! I was at an SU open day last night in London and one of the attendee (this word is even too posh for me) was mentioning splitcoaster a lot ! So you reminded me to visit the website....thanks again !

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