Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I love today!

Maybe a corny start to a blog entry but hey, its ok. I am kinda a corny girl. The day girl they call me at work...its funny,.

So my daughter said a few months ago, mom. They are looking for a new day girl to help at my work. Ok, I thought I would try it, knowing that my changes have fully taken effect on my brain and all. So I was SO nervous. Really overnervous too but I tried. And its a tanning salon so people come in for fun, not to just pay bills or something they dont wanna spend money on. its called Extreme Tan and in Crystal so stop in and say hey to me from 10-2 m-f!

Its really hard, but super fun too! I get to see people coming in and chat with them. I love people! I get to run the place by myself which is such a boost of confidence considering where I have come from in the past. It hard sure but remember that those things that are difficult can also make you feel confident at the same time. I have really hard days still and think about just calling it quits but then get back on my feet. NEVER STAY KNOCKED DOWN! remember that. Get your people to help you back up right away. Keep staying positive too and you can do anything. I believe that.

Now onto todays abundance postings:

Margueritas by the pitcher

jumping on a king size bed

pens for special angels:) ha ha ha

and the best one? okk they are all good ones but this is really fun. photos of dirty dishes. ok to explain here I have taken tons of pics of the house when the kidies just wont clean up and everyone piles the dishes so high I could swear they are breeding in the sink. How could they not fall over? I have no idea, although our fam is expert in both kerplunk and jenga! ha ha ha again. So with all the photos , I thought while in San Antonio that they are a blessing. I really wrote that in the book. Dirty dishes are a blessing, you dork! (t o me of course:)

So you see, its how you interpret it all. Your life, those you surround yourself with and the direction you present to yourself. Scream positive, smile and look at your blessings. They are there and although you might think right now there are none, you just have to look harder.

have a blessed day!

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