Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Abundance books

I jut love TAC and the cool project ideas too so I thought this would be a super way to share how cool my fave project was this time we gathered..our abundance books. First of all it is in yesterdays post, the cute half cut composition book you can get just about anywhere for a dollar. TAC did the work but I know that any printer or office store can cut these down for you too. Ours are cut in half. Each time a new event registration is in, TAC sends out these fun batches of information for us. So if you are looking to join TAC, and there is a cool project like this for seminar you would receive it in your package. Ok, so I covered mine in one of my fave pink paper kits Genevieve, which is lots of pink, greens, purples and more. AND lots of black which is perfect with my fave pinks:)

I decorated the front, but the inside is whats fun. You see, the whole idea is to fil it with cool things while on a theme. So for the trip we were to fill it with abundances or blessings we encountered while preparing for or on our trip to SA for the TAC leadership and winter retreat.

Now my first thought is would I really use this? I dont think anything was in the book until I got to driving with Lori and Heather. At first it was kinda a joke to us...GET THE BOOK! We would grab it to write in it while driving and it got really fun. AND a habit which I think the original idea was. Ok, so we are driving, and pretty soon its inside jokes, ideas for business, fun things to remember, blessings of friendship along the way and more. I could not believe how cool it was!!!

Throughout the weekend it got fuller and fuller and now there are just a couple pages without writing. I would poll the girls, our roomies when we got to hang out and ask them fun things. So I kinda think that everyone should have one of these running in the household, sitting on the coffee table, at the dining table, in the laundry room...just wherever everyone goes and can add to it...it really is so much a cool thing. I have to share a couple things here too...

Cell phones and WIFI

Palm trees in January

wearing shorts, tank tops and flip flops in january

okk you can sense the theme, the way we were enjoying the trip. These are sweet things.,,,here is a funny though:)

1/2 baked card

the funny thing is that we were being introduced to the projects and I guess not listening quite right cause a couple of us heard this. 1/2 baked card? was this a new technique? hmmm...something I have not heard of? Could it be? Noooo....it was have faith! HAVE FAITH! we laughed and laughed about that. but not in the book? we would never remember that funny:)

so try making one of these. It can be a notebook, looseleaf paper, whatever you need but get one started and start writing those memories in them. We are determined to have a book for each trip together now. Its just too much fun to keep to ourselves and trust our minds to. I know mine is about full, my brain AND the book too. So its great to have it all there to remember and smile.

have a VERY blessed day!

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