Monday, July 23, 2007

What a PARTY!

WHAT A GREAT DAY! We had such a sweet time celebrating..

We had SO much fun this weekend for my Madison turned 9 years old. The house was packed, family and friends and we had great weather outside as well. We made this awesome little star booklet too that the girlies just adored. For each I took three pics of them to use in our Clever Lever punches, and then glued them into place. I love the way they enjoyed making them and they even asked what was the next creative project! Of course I only had one to make since I thought we would be short on time. But they sure had a blast! Here is the cover, and some of the inside pages. Madison loves wearing the crowns I have earned from The Angel Company so I thought it would be a fun princess page! the whole booklet stays open and can be a tabletop photo booklet when you use a paperclip to the covers. I cant wait to do these for my graduate next springtime...

And THIS is how it looks all put together and standing up with the clip. its SO CUTE!

Want to make one too? just drop me an email and I will be happy to assist ya in making a cutesy little book for YOUR desktop.
have a blessed day! Annette

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Eva said...

Awesome book Anette!

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