Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sharing this cute project with you

Good morning and happy tuesday to you as well...I thought this morning I would show a cute project from the weekend stamp camp the team had. So here is a fun and easy project to try...

First we started with the Palette Reflection Blue ink which I adore. You can get 4 colors of this ink for just $7.95 and they are color coordinated sets! Its fast drying too! We stamped that with the giraffe, and the saying and if you look really carefully you can see the stitches we stamped with it too.

Then we glued the flower to the bookmark (which pulls out of the pocket) and then glued the ribbon tied with a simple knot to the center of the flower.

Lastly we stapled the coordinated ribbon to the tag, and adhered the pocket along with blue cardstock to the white base. Then we just slipped the bookmark into the pocket and we are all finished! VOILA!

Whats the easiest thing about this project? The colored cardstock comes in coordinated colors along with the toodle loo papers, and the tags are a full sheet with it. Even the ribbon is coordinated with that and the ink is right on the same page in the catalogue so you can see it all. We even have coordinated metals along with each of the 9 new collections. Enjoy it all!

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Stacy said...

Cute card! This is one my new favorite sets :)

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