Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Best friends forever

What a fun page!  This is another fast pre-designed page ready to finish with your photos and words.  How easy is it? 

1.  Pick the page you want to use...its all designed just like it looks above and there are HUNDREDS to choose from!!!  You can do that...
2.  Drag your photos into the frames on the page...You can do that too!
3.  Type into the pre-made text boxes...You KNOW you can do that:)

Getting serious for a minute, I want to share a bit about what I hear often.  There are TONS of people just like you hesitating to get started but really wanting to.  See if any of these apply to you.

Top excuses I hear:

1.  I dont have time...
my answer:  It took more time to click to my site, and read the blog post than it could to do a page.
2.  I am not creative...
my answer:  Ok, use pre-designed pages.  Its all set up for you and faster than writing an email.
3.  I dont have any money...
my answer:  Get it free, earn it free, buy it with credit. 

Got excuses?  I can help.  Got photos?  I can help.  Need help?  Guess what...I can help. 

Lets get you started and see what you can do for the holidays.  Get STARTED TODAY!

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