Sunday, November 8, 2009

Join us this weekend at the Christian Community Fair!

I am SO excited and hope to see many of you this weekend at the fabulous Christian Community Fair. What is it? I can say that its an amazing event packed full of family fun and its FREE TO COME! Its a great time for all...

I am bringing my family of course, and they will be helping out at the two craft areas sponsored by Myself and The Angel Company. Each of the areas will be set up for kids to create, and make something fun to bring home. In addition, this event has 180+ vendors, and things like a climbing wall, fishing tanks, and live bands. Oh and did I mention that you can actually play video games inside a REAL HUMMER?

This is a totally safe environment, where you can bring family and friends to enjoy the time together. There is really something for everyone!

Here is the link...please visit me and enjoy your time at The Christian Community Fair!

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