Monday, November 16, 2009

Cards for the troops

Oh my gosh, we had a FABULOUS time at the Christian Fair this weekend. I have no idea how many people were in attendance, but this basket is HUGE and stuffed with over 400 cards that the attendees made for the troops. I will be sending these out to my friend Hollys hubby tomorrow afternnoon! What a blessing for all, the kids and families that made them in addition to those that will receive them. See who participated in the event below...
Mike, my 16 year old was super at helping downstairs. We actually had two areas, this one was a 40 foot booth and it was standing room only much of the time. With live bands, and big jumpies for the kids our booth was a great spot for sitting to make a card. I have more events coming up so be sure to subscribe to my blog on the right, to make sure you know when these things are happening.

Here is a shot of the booth before we got started on Friday night. The event was two days, Friday from 4-8pm and Saturday from 10-6.

The kids even got to sit with Santa and make cards. Santa was not quite into coloring so on his card some of the kids colored images for him. He put it all together and wrote an amazing note to the troops. Everyone can make a card and bless someone! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be involved in this super event.

My sister Gina came down to check out the fun, and my hubby Dave was there all day too. He even helped run one of the booths and stamped tags for the cards. I think I even saw him making cards himself! I know this was a special day for our family, since all but Sara came to help. We are so blessed.

Here we are. L2R...Adam, Maddie, Maia, Mike, Dave and myself. This is definitely something we enjoy as a family...just helping to send blessings to those that protect us everyday! God bless you all.


Diana said...

I live by Ft Campbell, KY and my friend and I make and collect cards to send to soldiers. The thank you cards we've gotten back are amazing, they are so thankful to have cards to send back to their families. Bless you for participating in this event.

Peggie said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had for a great cause.

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