Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sticky stuff

Two rolls of 3/4", One roll of 1" * 3m double stick foam tape in LARGE rolls...see the photo compared to the versamark pad shown. I have no idea how many yards on these rolls but they are the best deal out there for window cards, and other foam tape uses...
$20 each plus shipping ( buy both and get free shipping)

One roll of approximately 5000 pieces of red line tape, pieces precut to 3/4" x 4 tabs on the roll. These are amazing for your projects and no more gunking up your scissors! It was selling for $1 a foot, but the entire brand new roll is yours for $35 plus shipping. works perfectly for beads, flocking, glitter, and cut it is awesome for smaller things like buttons, etc. It holds...period.

Three boxes of 3m 1/2" ATG adhesive for the ATG guns. There are 12 rolls in each box, that usually retail for about $5 each ( $70 value). $30 per box and I will pay shipping:)

Thats all of my sticky stuff for today! Happy Tuesday to ya.

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