Friday, July 31, 2009

Stacy Sez reviews Anchor Paper

I make a crazy amount of cards. I can sit and make cards for hours. I started Scrapbooking about 4 years ago and the next week I went to a stamping convention, made 1 stinkin card at a make-n-take booth and was instantly insane with the need to make 4 1/4 x 5 ½ pieces of art work.

Lucky for me, the same supplies we HAVE to have for scrapbooking, we can also use in card making.

Except envelopes. Envelopes!!! Would you believe my latest stressor is the lack of ENVELOPES!!??

So for the last few years I have been making cards and of course using them to send warm greetings through snail mail to everyone I know on those special occasions that you would normally send a card. But then my inventory got such that I brought the baskets of cards to work and have had a pretty good time being the office card seller. However, I am insistent on providing not only a one of a kind card, but I like it to be packaged in a clear bag with an envelope.

So I would pick up a box of plain white note card sized envies (cutesy word heretofore used in place of envelopes) whenever I needed them. Usually anywhere from 4 to six bucks at Wal-Mart. But now I notice I cannot find my size anywhere. It’s become like finding a size 16 ½ bathing suit. Practically impossible. The new standard size seems to be an inch longer so you can fit a 4x6 picture in the envie without bending the snapshot.

So good news bad news sitch is I work right by Anchor Paper Express in Plymouth . Highways 55 and 6. The good news it’s literally 5 minutes from my office, and the bad news its 5 minutes from my office. So I pop over there a few months ago and go into the section that they sell envies by the pound. Grab some white note card size and try to ignore all the other stuff in the store calling to me as I run to the cash register. So like 10 envies were like 5 bucks. Ouch. Well since I am out of envies at my house again I stopped over there again today thinking I just need to get some cuz I have been stealing from cards I have already packaged just so I can sell the cards that I have already sold! Kind of like a rob Peter to pay Paul deal!

So here is some good news, I bought a box of 250 note card size white for 10.49 plus tax!! Turns out the first time I bought envies there I bought the fancy schmancies and those of course cost more. Those 250 are going to last me a good long while.

I felt great about my purchase!! And so I shopped. I got out of there for under 20 bucks. I highly recommend stopping in and checking out the store. Lots of scrappin stuff, many stamps (rubber wood mounted and acrylics) and just about everything you could want. I do think they are somewhat higher priced than say Michaels or Joanne’s but I do not think they are higher than Archivers (whom I refer to as the Evil Empire, I like locally owned scrap stores).

When you go to Anchor Paper, express be sure to start in the Clearance Room. Yes a whole room of stuff that is marked down as much as 40 percent. There are many Sizzix other die cuts. I am a Cricut girl and I know they don’t have that stuff, but I do see they have the Slice.

Name brands are well represented throughout the store. Most of the store is divided by categories (sports, vacation, school etc) but they do have a large selection of stickers (esp laser stickers which I love), ribbon by the yard at reasonable prices and a small room just for wedding stuff. Which is nice because stressed out brides can be scary!!

But don’t look to crop at the store anytime soon. I think they may have a small room that will fit a few if you don’t bring to much stuff. I am not sure if there is a fee for the space, and the hours of the store are standard business hours so maybe there has never been a need for a big crop space.

The service at the store each time I have been there has been good. There always seems to be a small line at the register, but that’s because people ask questions and there are a lot of little things in paper crafting that need to be rung up. I myself asked if the 8 ½ by 11 paper they sell by the pound is TRUE 8 ½ by 11 and they said yes, and for another 5.00 (no matter how much you buy)they will cut it EXACTLY in half for you so you can make accurate card bases. You card makers know how frustrating it is to make a card, then go to put it on one of your bases and it is not exact!! So this is good to know if you want to make a surplus of bases to have on hand.

Which brings up a good topic for next time; Paper Cutters! Basic must have tool and there are so many to choose from. So let’s talk about cutters next time, and btw Anchor paper has a really nice selection of the main brands. But for now check out Anchor Paper Express in Plymouth MN (google it and you will see a basic website that has directions). Then go and check out the store and especially take note of the card samples so you will be inspired when you leave!!


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