Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Wings to you

What a week! First, there is a daughter turning 18 tomorrow so tonights party for friends ( with the rain) was planned all week, and that included getting the BEST decorations like Christmas lights for the yard, a disco ball and just tons of lighting from our fave store

Next I had Stamping Night Out at Scrappin-n-Chattin on Tuesday night where I got a TON of little projects worked on...

Then Thursday I signed up for my classes for internet marketing. I am SO EXCITED about this. I just love marketing stuff. Its amazing and has been a great fun ride so far. I cant wait to learn more about computers, business and everything. Crossing my fingers Im not too old to retain all this info...

Tonight I wanted to share a link here for all the cards I made that are in my picasa web albums, from these great and affordable birthday cards for my angel friends. I really wanted to play with these stamps and my white core papers. They are so much fun!!! Here is the link...ANGEL FRIENDS CARDS

Ok then this week I also took some time to start a listing of my angel friends blogs and sites. Check it out here, for wonderful and angelic inspiration...TACangelsites

In addition to the already busy week, I am addressing envies for seminar cd's, I finished ordering the remainder of the papers I need for all the samplers I am offering to my angel friends, took the kids to the pool twice this week, took Matthew(my sweet nephew that is now part of our family household) and Maddie to the school to check it out since they both start at Jackson Middle School this year with Adam, and oh about a ton of other things. Sara is off to college in about three weeks, and we are so excited about that for her. Now, there are a couple more cool things to share.

TAC has the best offerings right now and I want to share them with you...first there is a NEW special to get your wings! Just $50 and you can be an angel, with our paperwork kit, which also features a cool exclusive set so hard to get I dont even have it myself!!!

Today also kicked off the DOUBLE HOSTESS benefits, and I got a great deal on my order today. Starting with twice the hostess sets, adding in this great two times the half priced items, and even adding a bonus set of stamps and papers depending on your order total of course. I will add the links to my side bar so you can check it ALL out.

I am off for the night, with an online class I have to check out before starting school. My books should be on the way soon and then I guess I have to put my thinking cap on and make it happen. :)
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