Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A new computer!

Sara missed the chance to get in her yearbook, so I got a bit creative and this is what she is taping into each yearbook she signs! Her own photo, and name...and her baby photo with our wording. Sara is on the left in the top photo and on the right page below, the last one. You really cant tell that I created that at home can you? Sneaky, sneaky:)

My gosh, I cannot believe how blessed I am! I am the proud owner of a BRAND NEW LAPTOP and am so excited to be able to work again. The old one crashed AGAIN and the new hard drive I bought still didnt do enough with the old computer parts I put it into. So I paid to have all the files transferred to the new computer from the old hard drive that was out. I had no idea that they could do that. HOW COOL! So here it is...the brand new one. What a thrill.

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