Saturday, January 10, 2009

Skateboarding card just too cute

Saturday, a day off right? NOT!!! Today is SO stinkin busy I cant believe it but I am so lucky to have these things in my life. First of all we are moving bedrooms again, with Maia basically staying with friends and Mikey really needing a room of his own. So there is a livingroom pile of things you cannot believe. WOW! That girl has stuff.

So Today is the Moms Expo at Grace Fellowship Church in Brooklyn Park and I am So excited to go meet some of these vendors. There will be over 100 of them there today from 9-3. After I drop off Adam at his friend Matt's birthday party at 1:00 I am there. Janet I hope you are ready to run through that place with me in two hours!!!

Speaking of Matt, Adam and he are huge skateboarders and Matt is going to love this card. Adam designed it this morning and away we went. We started out with a cute shape of card and scored it with the SCORPAL. then I rounded the corners and Adam picked out the paper here to use. I thought it was perfect. He wanted a black base since grip tape is black on the decks. After stamping the lettering in NOIR ink, I sanded the board so it would be a bit distressed from all the grinding!!! ha ha ha. More skateboarding terms here, we live it in this house. I copied the image from a CCS catty for the Element symboll which is Adams fave boards. ( cute story about another Matt and why Adam loves Element) Then I used my circle punch and wrote the symbol in White Gel Extreme Pen and VOILA!


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