Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Moxie Mini book fun!

Good morning! I just have to share this cute mini book that I made at my friend Saras house a week or so ago. Its again a cute little meandering book, made from one page of 12x12 TAC paper which is perfect poundage for these:) I apologise for the order of the photos, as blogger is not cooperating and wont allow me to move them about so if anyone out there is computer land and has ideas PLEASE send me a note at brissebunch@yahoo.com cause I would love to hear your ideas.

The whole idea of these cute little books for me is to remember an event or memory. I struggle with full scrapbooks but love these themed ideas for gifts, or just to keep in your purse and show off fall photos of the kiddies. BTW I took some incredible shots of Sara for her senior photos this past Sunday and WOW! I will give you a sneak peek, just remember that they are unedited still. I took about 700 photos that day, including some of her childhood, ok EARLY childhood friend Camille who is a daughter of my dear friend Mary M. THATS a funny story how we met and we share it all the time. Hilarious!!! I will share that in the next post, with Saras sneak peek photo!

This was the last page, and I was super proud of myself. A family tree page! I cant wait to fill it with photos after I finish the kiddies pics for the season.
I really love how my fave swirl is always the perfect fit for open space. And I like the idea of adding scrappers floss to these ribbons, for added texture without added bulk. THe scrappers floss is amazing, and you get 30 yards of it for just $3.50. See it here SCRAPPERS FLOSS

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