Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am published! AND what an amazing weekend.

Hey guess what? I am back online after a long long break, that was not really planned:) I am having a great time at Sara, my Angel friends home this weekend . She is so much fun and what a blessing to us she is. Sara is about three hours from Minneapolis but with the Friday nights traffic I was so lucky to get stuck in Minneapolis, St Paul and Hudson WI rush hour. I thought I would be in the car forever. Anyone in my cell phone book knows I hate driving alone just because there is nobody to chat with so I call the entire time I drive, or at least while I can get service. Back to the subject...

So...long post here. Here is our news! Maia my oldest is in College...can you believe it? She is at Medical Asssisting school and is really growing up. Sara and Mike started at the high school new our home. They are in Drivers Ed together, funnny!! Sara is a senior already and Mike is a Sophomore. He loves football and to be on a winning team is a lot of fun for him. He rode his bike 6 miles each way all summer for weight training to get ready for this season. Adam started Middle school, and got glasses recently. He is really working hard as this is hte first year he gets paid for grades. He asked the other day about mid quarters, but we told him no...the full term grades. He pouted as his is about 6 A's and a B. Moving onto Madison. She is 10 already and in 5th grade. She has never been in a school by herself so this is new too. She joined girl scouts and I think it will work out super. She met another 5th grade girl just in the next culdesac. I am SO excited that she has a friend close so they can hang out. She has never had that before.

started working at In Sync Salons in Robbinsdale. Its a fun challenge, with some marketing and admin work there. The stylists are amazing women, that can just whip out a new look. Last week I had a big change myself, when they cut and colored my hair ( a first for me ever) and the compliments are amazing. Everyone loves it! Great job girls. I am still working for my wonderful Chiropractor in Robin Center which is so lucky for me. I just love the staff there, who treat not only me but Sara, Mike, Maia and Maddie. Who thought chiropractic was just for sore backs. So...again getting back on track:)

COOL NEWS! I was sitting back reading magazings last night in a comfy chair with my friend Marie. I was paging through looking at all my friends artwork. How cool was that??? I saw so many of my angel friends that have ben published and was totally admiring their stamped cards and I turned the page to find one onnnf MY CARDS!!!!!!!! What??? I know that magazines send out a free copy to those published but they probably sent it to my old address in Robbinsdale. I would have never seen that it was in there. My first time being published. What a thrill. So take peek if you want in the AUTUMN 08 Take Ten magazine. Its on page 118. I love that card! The whole issue is amazing, with 350 cards in for cool ideas.

Crop for a Cause. I have to say that I am excited about that next weeknd and there are still spots open. Basically come and play with your scrapbooking stuff for 12 hours, while vendors are right in the room to play with you and provide you with the latest and more. There are tons of door prizes, great food ( three meals!) and your money all goes to the cause selected. The crop is at the church we have been attending so its really cool, Grace Fellowship Church in Brooklyn Park. 9am-9pm next Saturday October 11th. I think its $40 for cropping table and the entire fun day. Seriously, get away and join in. Its for a great cause!!! Sponsored by the Women of Today.
Today I am off to Dayton again. I am excited to see my kiddies of course. I bet it was weird this weeekend cause Maia and I both were visiting with friends in Wisconsin, the house was probably kinda funnnny feeling.

Oh, we have a new phone number too at the house so write it down ok??? 763--267-7301 at home, cell is the same, and the email is
My friend Donna put me on facebook too which is funny. I am friends with my daughter...random:)

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StampinCarol said...

So, cutie... When do we get to see a pic of you with your new "do"!! And glad to see you back online. I seen your card in Take Ten, great!!

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