Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Annettes icky updates

Ok, I am logging into my friends computer to let you all know I am without a computer for a bit. My Surge protector didnt catch the surge or lightening that hit the electronics the home computer which was not online anyway, and my laptop which I work off all the time are blown.

Be sure to have one of these, my protector is about to pay off! Since it wrecked my stuff and the job was to protect it I am about to get mine repaired or replaced ( both the home and laptop) for free! So register those cards, keep your receipts and I will let you know when I am online again:)

For those of you waiting on stuff for me to send, I lost the edited files but have recreated and am working bugs out of the photo cd from seminar! I am excited. It took a while but thats all good.
My computer guy is amazing and helping me here with all of it.

Shirts are done and will be mailed out too. YAY! It was hot baking them to heat set the glitter but so amazing to have about 25 of the sparkly things sitting here looking awesome. I love glittery shirts. awwww

Also, I have to send out Kudos to Que computers in Minneapolis for it was them that told me about the warranty. I went in there to buy a new cord since mine started sparking! It had been burnt through when the surge or lightening hit. I didnt know that and am feeling VERY blessed as it was sitting on the carpet overnight sparking. WOW that was a God thing:) considering what could have been:(

Ok, so call me if you need anything ok? My internet box blew out as well so a new one is being sent out from Qwest. Hope its here soon.

Have a blessed day all!

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