Monday, April 7, 2008

a scorpal can do WHAT?

So I am VERY back and ready for papercrafting action again, with a ton of things to share. I have one big project to wrap up and I am set! YIPEE~~~

I have been creating cause of need lately since we moved last weekend and it was a three week whirlwind. I will be posting a long update on that but for today? I just have to show you what the incredible SCORPAL can do.

First, this was a tool I didnt think I needed let alone wanted. So being truthful here, its gotta be the handiest thing since the cropodile. That is amazing.

We started to use this for last weekends Twin Cities Stamping Gala here which by the way my AWESOME ANGELETTES team did without asking me to even come:) They knew how deep I was in my home and kids...Thanks guys:) I love you. So, Gayle did a great class creation with the SCORPAL and Renee did a super make and take with it. Ok here is the cool thing...

I have posted previously about how cool this tool is and how it makes everything look so professional and just plain neat. Yesterdays project for me here was to put my stamproom into place. Its a weird shaped area of the laundry room in this house so it was a challenge. I started by pulling shelves that ended up slashing my finger so off to a running start for me:) hee hee

I sat down after measuring out the room (that was full of boxes etc...) and using my ruler to divide a piece of paper with lines etc. Well all of a sudden the light went on and VOILA! SCORPAL TIME!!! I got out the plain printer paper and whipped out a grid just perfectly fast. I then took sticky notes for my furniture in the room and whipped out little pink papers that stuck where I put them to work on the plan. Its amazing how fast it went!

So the posted photo today is a different way I bet you wont see on the SCORPAL site, but just have to try if you are moving furniture or rooms, or even a whole house with 7 people, 5 pets and WAY too much stuff. *wink


Chookarooni said...

Good thinking - would love to to see pictures of your craftroom M-J

Mel M. M. M. said...

No way! You're so inventive! That is just WAY too nifty! :O)

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