Thursday, March 20, 2008

My top ten, and new meandering book project

Of course with kids, they surprise you with "oh mom, can you make me right now?" Madison told me Friday night that she had a birthday party at noon the next morning. And for a boy? I knew I wasnt going out to buy something for him that night and I had tons to do Saturday so here is what we came up with.

The boy, Alex is 10. He also loved pokemon cards like my daughter does so we came up with this fun book to hold his fave ten cards. And its a 10 theme just like the birthday number so it worked out super! We started out with the chipboard stack in my TAC catalogue. I cut it in half to be the same size as these hard plastic baseball card sleeves for collector cards. That cropodile is my BEST FRIEND! Sorry Heather:) and I cut right through all of them two at a time to make the holes for the ring. I stamped with Chartruese ink and black of course. I just cant do a thing without brown or black:)

I wasnt at the party but I heard this was a hit. My son Adam would like one, and Maddie too.I will have to get on that soon:)

The next project was one I featured at my stamp camp last night. It was a fundraiser for Beth Marks, a woman who was hit by a drunk driver while on her motorcycle. This is the second fundraiser I ran for them and this time we raised $507! that is over $1000 total so far. I am going to host another later on this spring.

The book is called a meandering or maze book and WOW was it fun to make. The Scorpal was the best part of this one. You start with a 12 x 12 paper and score at 3, 6 and 9. The make a turn to the right and do that again. Its easier when someone shows you so take a peek at my friend Julies blog. Its paper jewels on the right in my linky list:)

I used my Amelia papers, the bazzill flowers, of course the cropodile which is awesome and super fun brown paper scrapbooking floss. I use that all the time. Its fun to wrap around paper, ribbons and more. Check it out on my TAC site and shop with double benefits right now. Just send me your orders in emails so you can have all the goodies too!


Nancy Grant said...

That's great fund raising skills! And your project is very cool!


Jewels said...

What a gorgeous book!

"Jany" said...

I love those meander maze books! I've done a few and I don't get tired of those!

Thanks for sharing!

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