Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hooray for September!

Ok, now I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to getting the kids on the bus Tuesday morning, and I will miss them everyday. Sure 5 kids can make a mega mess during the summer and this summer was an EXTREME mess, Brissebunch edition. So I thought I would take a tour of our TAC site to see what was new and guess what? HERE IS THE COOLEST SET! Its free to all hostesses/ whether funshops are held or catalogue orders with just a $250 retail order. So its you getting a LEVEL A set, LEVEL B set, FREE set pictured above and our half priced items too. With the $250 party which I can do just by myself (hee hee) I get three half priced items. hmmm...I think I am going for that awesome Vituri bag at just $55!

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