Saturday, August 25, 2007


Yeah, my high school freshman wanted a hot rod we got out the paint and I did my very first flame job! Let me know what you think. its a perfect fit for him in my eyes, and we have hub caps to hang too!
I then painted the grey on the other walls after the black and flame work was wrapped up and finished by coloring the outlet covers with black stazon refill to match. Ok now that has to be inventive right?
he was surprised when he got home about 15 minutes ago as he didnt know I would finish it for him today. Next , his sister wants a BATMAN ROOM! I can totally do that:)
have a blessed day...Annette


SuseADoodle said...


You rock, sista!

Makes my funky stripe along the wall of what will be my work room, if I ever get it organized, look sad and wimpy ... FLAMES! What an idea ...

Not only do you have great kids, they have a great ma!

Wanna see the Batman Room when you get that done.

Heather Devino said...

This is awesome, Annette!

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