Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend full of fun and friends

We had too much fun this weekend which was way overdue considering the last few weeks. So here is some of the pics from our adventures!

Saturday we took the younger kids tothe military expo at Fort Snelling, to celebrate armed forces day. It was a blast! Maddie beat out both of her big brothers at the climbing wall which made her just beam with pride. She just scrambled right up that thing.

Then in the afternoon we went with friends to a pow wow in goldenvalley. These friends just had their 5th baby, and since we have 5 also, it was really fun to look back upon those days of strollers,bottles, two kids in diapers. It seems like a lifetime ago for sure with our Maddie being 9 this summer.

Saturday night we tried to watch a movie with the kiddies, but fell asleep. We were all tuckered out for sure. It was a great way to wind down from a miserably hard week. Sunday, team time here at my home and we had a FULL HOUSE! One of my girls husband is a caterer, King of the Grill. I love thatname...anyway, he catered for us and it was awesome. Usually all the ladies attending bring something to share, this time we just all hung out ALL afternoon. 16 of them in my living and dining area. It was a lot of fun! This is Renee, an Angelette from the twin cities here.

And here is Michele and John, as they set up for a super barbecue lunch for us. I totally recommend them for your summertime parties. Stress Free? yeah, just have it all done for ya.

Hey have a super week, and watch. I am going to share some more projects. oh hey, here is one now! This was in the dollar spot at target, a cool glass lantern. I thought it would be cool to stamp on our White Mulberry Paper, and emboss. Then brayer over it with a kaleidacolor ink pad. After heating again you are all set, I cut the pieces to fit on the outside of the glass panels, and inserted a candle. VOILA! I love the way it looks:)

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