Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It started today!

I cant wait to get my order of SPRING FLING sets! Check them out at my link below for ordering.

All you have to do is email me your order, and with each $30 purchase you can get your inky fingers on these special sets! WAHOO! I love them all, the buggies are just adorable and I will post some pics once mine arrive and I get to play. oh, and for the first three that order them all? I am going to send you a SPECIAL TREAT! This will be my project of the month, with a project sheet as well. Email me today at

so I had a couple stampers ask me again why stampdog? its easy...when I had my first domain, it was and I was constantly asked how to spell that. I decided to think about what would be a great visual, and also super easy to understand and spell. Thats where stampdog came from. And I love it! My colors have been pink and black forever and I had my designer come up with the set for my stampdog site. See it at the link for my stampdog site.

hey have a super night. I am off to bed, finally:)

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