Friday, February 26, 2010

Are you in direct sales?

I really wanted to share this with you today.  My CM mama Bridget showed me how to make these cute business cards that are actually printed out on 4x6 photos!
Storybook Creator 3 is the program for all of us in direct sales! From business cards, to sample albums full of fun photos this will enhance our visuals.
I needed a new business card and this idea just thrilled me!  The coolest thing?  My schedule can be cut off and the top used as an actual business card! 
If you are excited about this as well, one more cool part is that Walgreens has a special on printing right now and I paid just 10 cents each.  I love uploading my photos online and then picking them up in the just about an hour!
Well, we are ready for our big regional training at Mystic Lake Casino tomorrow.  We will take lots of photos to share.  Enjoy your Friday!

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