Thursday, April 24, 2008

Graduation ideas!

Boy Howdy is it fun to join in my awesome team swaps. These ladies and our gent Michael are amazing with their talents:)

Here is the one I just send off a couple days ago. I didnt send photos of Maia in the swap cards although now I wish I had.

I started with the white cardstock which I use WAY often. Afterall, white is the base of creativity for me. I tend to use a ton of pink and black. This card has no exception to that rule with a black layer and ink:) wink...

So I used my fave swirl stamp which I know some of you must be getting tired of. I stamped it in black NOIR, my fave ink as well. Hmmm...sense a theme? :) then I stamped the date disk for June in the corner. I used my coluzzle template in circle shape, with the fantastical knife it uses. That was how I cut around the disk! I put the photo on black of course, and tucked it into the pocket. Thank goodness I have number stamps cause my writing is not so sweet to look at. I know Michele, the writing and journaling I should be proud of so I am. The number? Yeah I stamped that part.

The reason I am sharing this today is that I just loaded my first scrap page to a new blog I am working on with three of my best buds. Lori, Heather and Julie. We are working to help you all with your creative ideas and photos. The blog I posted the followup project to is

take a look, its fun and awesomely simple as well.

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Heather said...

She is such a beauty Annette! Darling card - and I LOVE your page on the Savvy Schemes blog!

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