Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Creative inspiration for my cousin

That was a fun post. I love the benefits of being an angel or just plain shopping with angels:)

Today I wanted to share a card I made for my cousin Jimmy. You see Jimmy had a brain tumor when he was about ten years old. Now he is close to 40 and it came back, in some capacity. He is in the hospital struggling after three hard surgeries. So please say a prayer for his comfort and peace:) WE ARE PRAYIN FOR YA JIM!

This weekend Grandma came to get Maddie and Adam for a sleepover since they were visiting Jim at the hospital and its close to our house. They met me at work Sunday to drop the kids off and I sent this card with a cute pink hippo that has a voice inside, and screams something like hugs and kisses to you. Its corny, but it must be tough for him right now. I hope he is feeling better really soon and can go home. BTW the tumor had no cancer! Thank you God.

The card I have made him is with our beautiful Juliette papers, and our new chocolaty brown cardstock for a base. I also used the burnt umber ink pad which I adore! Even the ribbon coordinates, papers and inks. Its so easy. the set? Abundance is...and its so good for so many occasions. I hope you like it! I did use the scorpal of course for the center fold. Now that its a habit? I use it all the time and love the results. No more crooked bent edges for this angel:)
v253 brown cardstock
v839 juliette striped sheet
White bazill from Mimi collection of cardstock (scrap for saying)
b121 juliette hardware
b321 juliette ribbon
f911 brown floss
tt218 burnt umber ink pad
t2660 abundance is
t2775 more abundance
k100 cropodile

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