Monday, December 3, 2007

I did it! scrapbook in a box

I am SO proud to say that I did it. I finally made one of these awesome creations. This weekend we had our holiday team time for my Angelettes consultants with TAC. Rita came and taught us this awesome box so I finally got in there and tried one. It took a while, but today at work I cut, and punched and folded, scored and glued. You know what? I thought it was pretty easy after seeing it done! THANKYOU RITA!

I forgot to get the directions from Rita, so I called my BFF Heather and she gave me the dimensions and scoring lines while I was at work. I got out the paper taker (I brought ALL my paper there to play and left it there for tomorrow:) and began. I am going to make a BUNCH for my final Holiday sale this saturday. And even more for Christmas presents. Mine here doesnt have photos yet or tags with sayings etc...but I am excited to create create create!

If you are interested in seeing more about this the entire tutorial is on Heathers blog. Here is the link.
Have fun on your CRUISE Heather! She leaves for the TAC cruise she earned with our friend Jackie and their hubbies on Thursday, and they promised to have fun for me. Someday I will join you girls on these awesome TAC trips!

If you would like to learn more about fun papercrafting projects feel free to email me anytime. Have a blessed night and thanks for checking out my blog.

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