Sunday, September 2, 2007

a special award for kindness

I have been blessed with this wonderful award from my friend and angel baby Sue Berg! Its a wonderful honor and I thank her with all of my heart:)

“This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.”
So here you go. The 7 that I choose and although there are so many many more that I would love to add this is a start:)
First is Heather. http://stampez/
She is an angel friend of mine that has blessed me with SO much kindness, sharing her life with me and listening to me share mine with her. We talk almost every day and I feel like she is a wonderful sister. She is the essence of angel to me and surely a kindness worth receipient for sure. I love ya girlfriend!!!
Next is a super friend again that shows me so much thoughtfulness. She works full time, has two great and beautiful girls, and is just so much fun! Donna, a wonderful photographer as take a look into her blogging world and appreciate the beauty!
Surely this Angel has been a blessing of kindness to me. She is amazing. She loves all, shares and so much more. All the kids in her daycare call her Grandma and no wonder...Sara Woodard has shown me what it means to be an angel and I adore her:)
Julie Griffith. WOW! I have been friends with her for a couple years now and am SO in awe of her sharing heart. She is kind, generous, and thoughtful beyond belief. Julie is a great mom of three cool kids, including one that will knock your sox off when you read the blog entries about her inking the house up! angel hugs to you Jewels!
Its so hard to narrow them really is. I just love these ladies with all of my heart and there are so many kind angels out there. Here is my next pick:)
Betti Geis. What more can be said about a woman who lets you use her papercutter more than she does. Betti is SO kind...let me share some of her heart. Betti is a great prayer warrier and takes pride in sharing whatever she has. Whether its knowledge of art, her time and resources, or just a thoughtful hello she is kind kind kind. Betti greets you with a smile and leaves you with a hug. Thanks Betti, I love your friendship and your kindness for sure.
Gwen. One name, one heart. Thats all you need with this lady.
This sweet and shy angel touched me so deeply with kindness this seminar in June. I have known her for a while now, and have had all kinds of opportunity to know her better. Gwen is shy, sweet, and amazing. Her talents with her medical career, children and art are just a few ways she shares her kindness. Gwen you are super and I cant wait to know you better. HUGS!!!!
Missy Olson. I would have put her first, or in any other place but wanted to wrap up with her. Missy is a kind hearted woman. She has stood by me and the team for so long...its hard too. Many times there have been tough times and hard feelings. Her spirit someday will explode out with the radiance of sunshine, and heart of Missy will shine. Bring it on Missy!~! That laughter is contagious hun. Stay positive and lead with a kind heart.
Some more to list, that are on my heart today:
Laura, Michele, Michael, Carol R, Cindy G, Julie and Kath my big sisters, MY MOM Ginny, Cindy L, Renee, Gina G, Lori B, Roberta, Terri R my cousin, OH SO MANY!!!
Well that is it for right now. its close to tears here just thinking of all the kindness I am blessed with. There are so many angels, friends and more that I would award with this great honor and its wonderful to think of the many people that have touched my life with kindness.

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