Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Time for yourself

This day I post without reservation, my closet. I wanted to show you that sometimes we all need to take a chunk of time for ourselves. For me, with kids in three schools and two busy businesses its hard to sit back to what I dont look at all the time and say to myself I can do this for me.
It seems the family DOES need to come first, and remember that you are part of your family. So for 8 days I went through everything in this ugly, so ugly it was OOGALEE closet of mine that I dreaded looking into each day.
I watch a lot of TV, have it on all the time and there is always a show on that has someone opening a closet and everything pours out! Well this is the story of my own tumbling closet....Here is the before pic and 8 days later the wonderful new closet just the way I want it to be. I am really proud of what I accomplished.


Rita Holmes said...

Annette..I have been wanting to do this to my closet for weeks now. Maybe I should get busy.

Nehal Ahmed said...

I am a little OCD and looking at your closet previously I would have had an impression of you being quite disorganized in your head. But now, your closet looks so bloody neat and spacey.

The fresh air that passes through it now feels really nice!

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